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Apellidos: Samuels, Katz, Greenwood, Sogolowitch, Segal, Hershgovitch, Cohen
In Russia - Arthur Greenwood marries Helen Sogolowitch, have at least 2 daughters Vitta & Devora 'Dora'.

In Russia - Samuel Katz & Gitle Hershgovitch marry. They have 3 sons (Irving, Joseph, Henry) & 2 daughters (Miriam & Sarah). Henry Cohen Katz (1886-1965) changes last name to Samuels upon arrival to USA, also goes by Harry Cohen on some paperwork.

Henry Samuels & Vitta Greenwood have daughter Frances C. Samuels (1914-?) in Milwaukee, WI. During birth of 2nd child (about 1918), Vitta & baby die. Henry Samuels then marries Devora 'Dora' Greenwood Sogolowitch (sister of Vitta). Two more children are born, Justin Samuels (1925-1989) & Vinita Samuels (1927- ). On birth certificate for Vinita, the mother's maiden name is listed as Dora Seagal which may derive from Sogolowitch.

If this is familiar to anyone, I would like more info. ryan_waller@hotmail.com

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