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Darby HURLEY, father of Roger b.abt. 1665 - Dorchester, England

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Re: Darby HURLEY, father of Roger b.abt. 1665 - Dorchester, England

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My Pike County, Kentucky family also traces its origins back to Darby Hurley (who I have as born Ireland 1617, possibly Cork County) then via Roger, John (sometimes called The Elder), Nehemiah then through his son Samuel Robert Hurley's daughter Frances or Franky as she was known. She married a Hackney (John T.).
Regarding Darby from the book Hurlie Families in America pg 29:
"In the State Library at Raleigh is a book entitled List of Emigrants to America in which we find listed one Darbie Hurley, aged 18, from the Port of London, May 21, 1635, on the Mathew, Richard Goodladd, Master, under Warrant from the Earl of Carlisle, bound for Barbadoes. The name Darbie shows up later in family history, including the Will of one Darbie Hurley, dated in 1741 in Dorcester County, Maryland. Obviously, we are not there dealing with the same individual, but could there have been some movement to Maryland following completion of service of a term of bondage, and a subsequent descendant bearing the same name?"
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