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IGEL, Herman & Mildred, Manhatten, NY.

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IGEL, Herman & Mildred, Manhatten, NY.

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Apellidos: IGEL, FOLSEN
If you are related to Mildred Igel, second wife of HERMAN IGEL who lived in MANHATTEN, in the early 1900's, please go to the following website to see an id'd postcard that was sent to MILDRED congratulating her on the birth of her son PHILIP. You can read additional genealogy on this family by going to:


If you are a relative, the card is quite a sweet keepsake and it may have been sent to her by a sister but that has not been determined. The sender was Lil or Lila and another woman by the name of Edna was mentioned. It was sent to her on May 23, 1910, and her son Philip was born May 20, 1910.

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