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N.Dak.,/Minn. Lian family

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Thank you for your interest in this subject. I just started work on my family tree and have a long way to go. Sorry I can't help you with Norway, I'm still in Minn. N.Dak. research at this time looking for naturaliz-ation records to see what parts of Norway they lived. I will make a GEDCOM file for Ancestory.com and post as soon as possible but that may take awhile. Do you have Lian's in that part of USA? The names Lian Lien are often seen but all my family have used Lian to my knowledge. Unfortunately my parents divored when I was young and my mom remarried. We moved 2000 mile away and I don't have much contact with family. Most of the info I have was gathered on the maternal side. The only redeeming factor is most relatives lived next door or at least in the same county. Good luck on your research and if you come across something of interest to both of us drop me a line or two.
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