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N.Dak.,/Minn. Lian family

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I am also researching a LIAN family that lived on the Lian farm in Lier, Buskerud, Norway. I have found the family on the 1865 and 1875 Norway census, but would like to find descendants which might still be living in Norway. Here is the info I presently have:

1865 Census – Akerhus Parish, Asker
Tellingsår: 1865 / Kommune: Asker / Kommunenummer: 0220 / Navn på bosted: Nordlien (name of farm)
Antall personer registrert på bostedet: 8.
Navn Familiestilling Sivilstand Yrke Fødselsår Fødested
Andreas Syversen Husfader G Skomager 1816 born in Ringeriget
Lovise Jensdatter hans Kone G 1822 born Bærum
Edvard Andreasen deres Søn U 1850 born Bærum
Julius Andreasen deres Søn U 1853 born Bærum
Bernt Andreasen deres Søn U 1856 born Asker
Maren Dorthea Andreasdatter deres Datter U born 1858 Asker
Birgitte Otilie Andreasdatter deres Datter U born 1860 Asker
Karl Johan Andreasen deres Søn U born 1863 Asker (this is my great-grandfather)
1875 LIER Census shows the following family living at Lian farm: This is the Lian-Mellum or “middle” Lian farm #70a1. We have the actual copy of the census.

Andreas Syversen LIAN, ??? shoemaker b 1816 Ringerike
Lovise Jensdatter, wife [2nd wife?] b 1822 Baerum
Martin Andreasen, son b 1836 Baerum, Docker and Yardman
Soren Julius Andreasen, son b 1852 Baerum, Works for timber merchant (Skifter??) in Drammen
Bernt Andreasen, son b 1855 Baerum, sailor
Birgitte Otilie Andreasdatter b 1860 Aker, helps parents
*Karl Johan Andreassen b 1862 Aker, helps parents
Anton Hansen, hired boy b 1851 Lier, Boy Servant
Gunder Markussen, hired boy b 1870 Lier, Boy Servant [later shown as Gust M. Hoff who died 19 Apr 1956, born 13 Oct 1872 Norway, buried Crystal Lake Cemetery, by Sundseth-Anderson Funeral Home, Minneapolis MN]

If anyone has information about this family, please contact Sherrie Stahl Email: stahl@teleport.com
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