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Puddicombe of Topsham Devon

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Re: Peter Puddicombe

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I am researching an incident that took place in Bangkok in 1856 in which Puddicombe was a key protagonist, so would be keen to exchange notes with you about him. If you are interested, I would be happy to explain the incident in more detail, but in brief it involved the King of Siam's strong reaction to a lease Puddicombe entered on land intended for a dock yard in Bangkok.

I have been researching Christopher Puddicombe and some events he was involved in in Siam (Thailand) in the 1850s. It seems he created a diplomatic incident when he leased some land in Bangkok which led to a couple of arrests and an unfortunate death.

I have found very little information about him, but did find a tombstone in the Protestant Cemetary in Bangkok to two young Puddicombes, who I assume were his children: Emily. who died on 1 Dec 1853 aged 4 years and 6 months; and Richard, who died on 6 April 1842 "and was buried on the island of Pumerant, Batavia, aged 5 years". I believe Pumerant is the old Dutch colonial name for Bidadiri island, off Jakarta,

Would really appreciate any other information about Christopher and his family.
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