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Leon Puddicombe

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Re: Leon Puddicombe

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Leon J Puddicombe

Registration Date:
Apr 1927
[May 1927]
[Jun 1927]

Registration Quarter:

Registration district:
St Thomas

Inferred County:

Mother's Maiden Name:
Southcott , Ida R

father John G Puddicombe

they married in 1923 in S Molton district

Volume Number:

Page Number:

other kids
Nancy J Puddicombe 1924
Pamela R Puddicombe 1931

there is a Leon J Puddlcobme im Campertown South, NSW, AUS later on.

went there alone in 1956 to Sydney
but seen again in England after that

see him comes to England from AUs in 1960 listed as a statistician, AUS citizen
born 10 April 1927

seems to be the only Leon J Puddicombe

don't see him with a wife at all
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