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Puddicombe's from Harbour Grace, Nfld

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Re: Puddicombes

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I'm interested in your Mary Ann Rodd who married John Puddicombe in 1870

Would you know any more about her i.e. year and place of birth, parents, etc.? If you don't have this information perhaps I can help you.

My name before marriage was Rodd and I actually live only about five miles from Westleigh in the adjacent parish of Fremington.

I am trying to create a database of Rodds and wish to find out what what happened to them all in later life. I have approximately 1300 Rodds on the database at the moment, most born in Devon or Cornwall. I would apprciate if you could give me this info to add a little more to my database.

Best wishes
Sue Hortop
North Devon
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