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Schulz-Briesen and German Ancestors of Carl Schulz (1826-1898) and Louise Schulz of San Francisco

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Schulz-Briesen and German Ancestors of Carl Schulz (1826-1898) and Louise Schulz of San Francisco

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This is a brief summary of research I have done in identifying the German ancestry of Carl and Louise Schulz of San Francisco. I would appreciate any comments and improvements. My name is Jeff Schulz and I am a great-great-grandson of Carl.

The main finding which I will support here is that Carl’s name, before they emigrated from Germany (Prussia), was Carl Richard Eduard Eugen Schulz and that he was a son of Eduard Ferdinand Schulze and Mathilde Eleonora Emilie von Briesen (grandson of Karl Philipp Traugott von Briesen), while Louise was Louise Friedericke Redler daughter of George Friederich Redler and Eleonore Drews.

Here are the lines of evidence for Carl’s German identity:

1. Carl’s obituary in the San Francisco Call newspaper of 21 April 1898 reports his date of death as 19 April 1898 and his age at death as “71 years, 3 months 23 days” and that he was born in Duesseldorf. This would give him a birth date of 27 December 1826 (interestingly, my father was born on the same date 102 years later). This birth date is also consistent with the 1880 US Census. Carl Richard Eduard Eugen Schulz of Germany has the same birth date as reported in his baptismal record (Germany Select Births and Baptisms, 1558 - 1898) and shows his baptism occurring in Duesseldorf.

2. Carl’s and Louise’s children were reported in his obituary as Grechen, Fritz, Paul, Max, Otto and Ernst. The 1880 US Census shows their names as Margarite (Grethchen is a German nickname for Margarite), Frederic, Paul, Max, Otto and Earnest. German birth records for the children of Carl Richard Eduard Eugen Schulz and Louise Schulz show names of Martha Adelheid Margaretha, Eduard Paul Frederich, Paul Emil Richard, Bruno Max Schulz, Otto Adelbert, and Ernst Heinrich, respectively. Closer linkages between their US names and their German names are shown in other US documents such as showing a middle initial of A for Gretchen/Margarite, a middle name of Albert for Otto and a middle initial of E for Paul. The dates of birth reported in the German birth documents for the children all agree with the birth months and years reported in the 1900 US Census.

3. Carl’s SF Call obituary states that he was a member of the “Joannis Lodge, Union of Men in the Orient of Trier, Germany.” The German marriage document for Carl and Louise shows a location of Trier Germany and the birth documents for each of their children show a birthplace of Trier.

4. US Census data for the family shows them arriving in the US in the late 1870s. The 1880 Census shows the family living in “Township 7 of Shasta”. They lived two units away from a Richard Schulz and his family. I believe Richard was Carl’s brother and came over from Germany somewhat earlier than Carl. The census shows that Richard also was born in Duesseldorf and the 1860 and 1880 US Censuses are consistent with the birth date for Eduard Richard Adolph Schulz given in German documents (13 September 1829) which also show him as a brother to Carl. Richard’s descendants appear to have remained largely in the Cottonwood/Redding/Shasta County area for many years and I remember my father getting together with one of them in the 1970s.

5. Once Carl is identified as Carl Richard Eduard Eugen Schulz, the German records make it relatively easy to show that his parents were Eduard Ferdinand Schulz and Matilde Eleonore Emilie von Briesen. There are baptismal and birth records showing this connection for both Carl and Richard and that give their parents’ names. Carl and Louise’s Trier based wedding document also gives the names of the parents. Similar readily available documents give the names of nine siblings of Carl, including Viktor Julius Bruno, a significant Prussian industrialist and Eduard Julius Herman, a noted artist. Carl’s father. Eduard Ferdinand Schulz, was an officer in the Royal Prussian Army. Matilde’s father was Karl Philipp Traugott von Briesen, a highly decorated Lieutenant General of the Royal Prussian Army who, among other awards, received the Iron Cross during the Wars of Liberation that vanquished Napoleon from Prussia. The literal translation of Traugott is “trust God”. Karl Philipp Traugott von Briesen’s wife was Anna Eleonora Juliane Elizabeth von Tschulke and his parents were Georg Friedrich von Briesen and Johanna Eleonore von Rothkirch.

Louise Schulz is shown to be Louise Redler of Germany through several lines of evidence also:

1. In the 1880 US Census, her name is shown as Radlar Schulz.

2. In her obituary in the SF Call and in Paul Schulz’s funeral home record (on ancestry.com), her place of birth is shown as Danzig. German baptism records show that Louise Redler was baptized in Danzig and that she was from a town called Koscierzyna which is now in the Gdansk Pomerania region of Poland and about 25 miles from Gdansk (Gdansk is the name of the Polish town which was previously known as Danzig when a part of Germany).

3. The month and year of her birth according to the 1900 US Census matches the date reported in Louise Redler’s German marriage record (29 November 1835).
Her marriage certificate and the German birth certificates all show Louise Schulz’s maiden name as Redler and that she was married to Carl Schulz.

4. George Friedrich Redler and Eleonore Drews are shown to Louise Redler's parents in her German baptismal record and those of her siblings as well as in her marriage record to Carl Schulz.

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