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Sjoblom on Titanic

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Sjoblom on Titanic

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This may have already come up in earlier postings, but just in case it might help a genealogist find a link, I will tell you what I found.
My father, Willard E. Spencer was born in 1919 and grew up in Olympia, Washington (Thurston County) living near a Sjoblom family. I think by that time they may have changed the spelling to the Americanized version of Shoblom (Shoblem?), but I'm not sure. The Sjoblom boys were named Paul, Arvid and Ainer. I believe at least one is still living.

I tried to find the family's US immigration through the Ellis Island website and happened to come across a listing for a female Sjoblem (I think her name was Anna, but I'm not certain) that arrived on the ship Carpathia, and had originally sailed on the Titanic. Her destination in the manifest was listed as Olympia, Washington. Thinking this was pretty neat information, I sent a copy of the Carpathia's ship manifest to my dad - he called his friend in Olympia, and sure enough, this guy said he had an aunt whom family legend claimed had sailed on the Titanic.
Maybe this will help a Sjoblom along with their ancestry.
Sheila Spencer Lein
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