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Can anyone help me?

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Re: Can anyone help me?

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Don't know if there is a connection to your family, but my grandmother Ida Charlotta Sjögren (b. 1872- 1962) emigrated to Illinois from Boda, Öland in the 1890s. My somewhat unreliable records show that her father was Anders Sjogren (1843-1908) and her mother was Anna Pettersdotter (1833-1915). She had 3 brothers -- Carl and Gustaf emigrated to the U.S. in the 1880s and Ollie died at age 14 and 2 sisters -- Emma and Selma who died young. I'm looking for more information on the family, particularly Emma and Selma and any descendants they might have -- and am wondering if your Sjogren family has any relationship to mine.
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