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Squance/Arscott - Clyst Honiton, Devon - Link Help please

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Re: Squance/Arscott - Clyst Honiton, Devon - Link Help please

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Thank you for your quick reply, Farringdon, is quite close to Clyst Honiton, so it could be the same people, as I said the stone was very weathered so I am not 100% on the age of death, If you want to email me at info@arscottfamily.eu I can send you more images of the grave, unfortunately I can not tell you any more about the Squance line, as I said in my message I am tracing the Arscott family for my website www.arscottfamily.eu, and I happened to stumble across the grave stone with many other Arscott's and snapped a few photos. I was just curious to the Arscott link with the Squance family. All the best Gill
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