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Square surname in AUS

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Re: Square surname in AUS

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I've only just found the posts regarding the Square surname in Australia.
My mother's maiden name was Square. Her father was John Square born in Warnamboo, Victoria, Australia on 26 June 1871. His father was William Square born on 14 April 1822 in Islington Middlesex United Kingdom. William's parents were Robert & Ann Square. Not sure when he arrived in Australia but he married Sarah Black on 14 May, 1855 in Gawler, South Australia. He died at Norwood, Adelaide South Australia on 4 January 1879. I have no record of his siblings if any and only a limited list of his offspring. I would like to track his family in England and Australia. I'm hoping there could be a connection here.
Thanks. Libby Townley
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