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Donald Willis 1935-1989 Independence MO Md: BAKER/ RODGERS / FRAZIER Ch: Jeanette, Donna, Donald Jr, Tammy, Ruth, Virginia

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Donald Willis 1935-1989 Independence MO Md: BAKER/ RODGERS / FRAZIER Ch: Jeanette, Donna, Donald Jr, Tammy, Ruth, Virginia

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Apellidos: Willis, Rodgers, Johnson, Adkins, Baker, Avery, Parker, Reece, Rickettes, Spidel
I am desperately seeking the whereabouts of my half-sisters and what I have is as follows:

Donald Dean WILLIS, also went by Dean WILLIS, (my dad)
BD: 18 Mar 1935 Blue, Jackson, MO
DD: 25 Jun 1989 Independence, Jackson, MO

His parents were Orville Mason WILLIS and Iris Irene OLIVER.
His siblings were Kenneth Mason, Billie Dayle and Ina Lee.

Donald lived in Independence, MO, Inglewood CA, Redondo Beach CA, Hawthorne CA, Nevada, and Miami, Dade County FL, and travelled around quite a bit.

Married First: Barbara Jean RODGERS About 1955 Jackson County, MO.
Donald and Barbara had Ruth Marie WILLIS BD: 15 Jun 1956 and Virginia S WILLIS BD: About 1957, both born in Jackson County, MO.

Ruth Marie WILLIS married a man named PARKER (possibly Larry D.) and has 2 sons, Dwayne and Kevin, born between 1979 and 1983, I am not sure which one is older. They lived at one time in Kansas City and Independence, MO.

Virginia "Ginny" S. married a man named JOHNSON and lived at one time in Holden, Johnson, MO. I have been told that Ruth and Virginia's mother, Barbara RODGERS WILLIS, died after giving birth to Virginia, from kidney complications resulting from Toxemia. She was in Truman East Hospital and was transferred somewhere outside MO lines, possibly Kansas City, KS, for treatment and passed away there. Barbara's parents, Richard and Esther or Minerva, in Independence, took care of the children. Also, I believe Barbara had a sister named Wilma who was a registered nurse, as well as a brother, who's name is unknown. There is a Richard A. RODGERS, born about 1965, who also fits into the family somehow.

I have located a death reference for Barbara J WILLIS in 1958 at the http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives, but am told, when I click on "view record", that to obtain a death certificate for someone who has died out of state, that I need to contact the county in which they died. I do not know what county, or what state she died in.

Donald married second (or just had a relationship), Shirley BAKER of Independence, Jackson, MO.

Donald and Shirley had Jeanette Lee WILLIS BD: 24 Jan 1959 in Miami, Dade, FL. It is rumored that she was born while Donald and Shirley were staying with his brother, Kenneth WILLIS and his wife, Laura, when she was born, but were back in Independence by April 1960. I believe Jeanette lived in or around Springfield, MO in 1989. She travelled to Independence when our dad, Donald, died 25 June 1989, to the house he grew up in at 902 Butler Lane. I met her there, but did not get to know anything about her.

It is also rumored that Jeanette had kidney problems and continuous breathing issues and had to be taken quite often to the hospital for regular treatments and check ups.

Donald and Shirley also had Donald Dean WILLIS Jr, BD: 28 Mar 1960, DD: 08 April 1960 (10 days old) at Childrens Mercy Hospital in North Kansas City Hospital. He is buried at Mound Grove Cemetery in Independence, MO.

Shirley later either married or had a relationship with Donald AVERY and Harry PARKER, both of MO. It has been said that Shirley and one of the two men above had twin boys.

I have heard that there were two other sisters of Jeanette, Tammy and Donna, both born in MO. I was told Donna was born in Sept 1963 in North Kansas City Hospital.

My Aunt tells me that the three girls, Jeanette, Tammy and Donna were all adopted in the mid to late 1960's. At least one of the girls was able to remain in MO.

I have not been able to confirm that Jeanette, Tammy and Donna share both parents, Donald and Shirley, in common, only that Jeanette and I share a father, and Ruth and Virginia and I also share the same father.

Donald married third, Barbara ADKINS (my mom) in Nevada in 1962. They had me, Tracey Leigh WILLIS, BD: 26 Feb 1964, and my brother, Donald Dean WILLIS III, BD: 21 Jul 1965, and we were raised in CA.

Donald married fourth Darlene FRAZIER, in Independence, MO, to which no children were born that we are aware of.

Our dad moved back to Independence, finally, about 1985, from CA. He was married fifth to Judith LaJuan SHIPULA, about 1978 in Nevada, and had 3 step children; Debra LaJuan REECE, Michael David REECE and Marvin Marshall "Skip" REECE.

Some other surnames that may have connection to the WILLIS, RODGERS or BAKER families: SPIDEL / AVERY / SRADER / RICKETTES.

I can be reached at tl.willis@att.net or jcw264@sbcglobal.net

Thank you anyone for any help locating my half sisters, Sincerely,


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