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Looking for ancestors of William St.Ama

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Re: Looking for ancestors of William St.Ama

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Hey Don. Wow! We have William St. Amants all over the family and I've never heard from Texas. My family tree is mostly from Ireland despite the French sounding St. Amant name. But all my ancestors have a Canada, Boston, or San Francisco connection. Can you relate ;-)

Email me at nick.st.amant@verizon.net.


Btw, several years back I used to correspond with a Noe St. Amant in Houma, Louisana. Regretably, he died. I hadn't heard from him for a while and checked one of the online Death Indexes, where I discovered the reason he didn't respond to my last email. His take was that there were three St. Amant strains, and not necessarily related. People from the town of St. Amant (now St. Amand) in France took on the town name as their surname. I have a huge amount of family data, but mostly on the maternal side--Coughlan, Kavanaugh, Quinn--all the St. Amant men married Irish gals. I'd love to get a St. Amant connection all the way back to France.
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