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Szabados Istvan

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Szabados Istvan

Judi Wadkins (Ver publicaciones)
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Apellidos: Szabados/Villo
I am looking for any information about Szabados Istvan, the father of my son-in-law's mother, Villo Szabados Maria. Maria is married to Lazlo Villo and lives in Weatherford, Texas 76086. She can be reached at 817-596-3168. Her son and my son-in-law, is David Csaba Villo.

Istvan was born July 15, 1925 at Aszod, Hungary. His mother's name is Urban Istvanne and his sister's name is Ilona. He immigrated to America in November of 1956 from Hungary.

Any information would truly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Judi Wadkins

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