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Veal(e) family from St Just, Cornwall UK

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Re: Veal(e) family from St Just, Cornwall UK

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Hi Margaret
The Pascoe Ellis who was born in 1807/1808 & baptised 07 Feb 1808, was my GG-gf's brother, and son of Thomas Ellis & Prudence Williams. Thomas & Pru' lived at Tregiffian which is close to the St Just/Sennen parish boundary. Pru' Williams was from Sennen, but they were married in St Just 12 Jun 1800.
One of her daughters was called Prudence Williams Ellis & she married Alexander Ellis[sometimes put down as Alexandra].
I am now collating the Hosking family, so will come back to you on that.
Hope this gives you a few bits of information.
When I've got a few more Eliises, Hockings, Veales, Grenfells & Ellises, I'll come back to you.
I think we have the same ancestors, and are definitely from the same families - not sure of the actual relationship but we are cousins.

47. William Hocking 21 MAY 1839

67. Pascoe Harvey Hocking 04 NOV 1799
SON OF William Hocking & Ann ----
Will come back to on the Ann.
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