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John & Susan Veal, War of 1812 pension application

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John & Susan Veal, War of 1812 pension application

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Carroll Co GA
3 June 1871
before: J M Griffin, Clerk Superior Court

JOHN VEAL, age 79 years, a resident of said county of Carroll and state aforesaid, who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is married, that his wife's name was REBECCA JONES to whom he was maried in Putnam County Georgia on the 19th day of March 1811.That he served the full period of sixty (60) days in the military service of the United States in the war of 1812, that he is the identical JOHN VEAL who was enrolled in Captain Walker's Company, Maj Broadnax Battallion General McIntosh army.Mustered into service at Fort Hawkins about the first day of February 1814 and was honorably dischard at Fort Hawkins about the 10th or 15th day of Apr 1814 for which service he received a Land Warrant No 83669 for 120 acres also warrant no 45302 for 40 acresmaking both together one hundred and sixty (160) acres.That he at no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the United States adhered to the cause of the enemis of the Government giving them aid or comfort-or exercised the functions any office whatever under any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States and that he will support the Constitution of the United States and that he is not in recept of any pension under any previous act.That he makes this declaration for purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provision the act approved Feb 14th 1871 and he hereby constitutes and appoints with full power power of substitution and revocation J L VEAL his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim and obtain the pension certificate.That his Post Office is at Carrollton Carroll County Georgiathat his domicile is 9 miles south of Carrollton in said county.Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and date above written.

Also personally appeared before me J M Griffin Clerk Superior Court in and for said county and state above writen THOS L STEED & J G COKER residents of Carroll County Georgia whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly sworn say that they were present and saw the claimant sign his name to the foregoing declaration that they have every reason to believe from the appearance of said claimant that he is the identical person the he representshimself to be and at no time during the late rebellion did he adhere to the cause of enemies of the government giving them aid or comfort and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim

Carroll Co GA
In the claim for pension of JOHN VEAL a survivor of the war of 1812, under the act of Feb 14th 1871No 18792 J G COKER & THOS L STEED testify to the claimants loyalty.I JOHN N SHELNUTT Post Master at Bowden Carroll County Georgia do certifythat after careful investigation I am convinced the above witnesses named are men of undoubted good character for truth and varacity and their statement in the affidavit refered too are worthy of full faith and credit-given under my hand this Nov 22nd 1871

Received bounty land claim: 83669-120-55


DeKalb Co GA
24th February 1886
before J W McCurdy a NP & offio JP

SUSAN VEAL, age 69 years, a resident of Stone Mountain in the state of Georgia being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of JOHN VEAL, deceased, who served as a private in the Georgia Militia in the War of 1812; that her said husband volunteered in Putnam Co Ga(don't know when) and that he was discharged at Macon GA (don't know when).Desciption at time of enlistment: she dose not know not having met him till about the year 1876.She further states that she was married to the said JOHN VEAL in Sumter Co GA on the 13th day of December A.D.1876 by one Jas. T McBride who was a Minister of the Gospell; and that her name before her said marriage was SUSSAN MARSHAL; and she further states that claimant was married to BENGIMAN T MARSHAL who dide in Macon Co Ga Oct 8th 1871; and that her said husband JONE VEAL died in Carroll Co GA on the 19 day of Ocobober AD 1885; and that she has not again married; and she further declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her said husband since the date of his discharge from the Army,viz: Carroll County has been our place of residence fm our marrage untill his death.

Also personally appeared WILLIAM W VEAL, age 72 years, residing at Stone Mountain in DeKalb Co GA and BENJAMIN F VEAL, age 62, residing at Stone Mountain in DeKalb Co GA...they have known the said SUSAN VEAL for 40 years and 20 years respectively ... they are able to identify her as the person who was the wife of the identical JOHN VEALwho rendered service alleged in the above application in the GA Volunter in the War of 1812 by the following named facts and circumstances, viz:She is our step mother and we are well acquainted with her

Georgia DeKalb Co GA
In person came before the undersigned a Notra Public& E offico J.P. in & for said county Dr J Dilworth the family physician of Mrs SUSAN VEAL wife of JOHN VEAL, deced, who being duly sworn says that Mrs SUSAN VEAL is by reason of age & affliction and infirmity unabel to go befor our court of record to have her application witnessed as she lives a disteance of ten miles from said cort ofrecord.
J Dillworth, M D

Sworn to and susbscribed before me this Feb 24th 1886--John W MCCurdy

Georgia DeKalb County
Jan 18th 1886
In person came before the under signed a N.P. & Ex offico J.P. in and for said county WILLIAM W VEAL & BENGIMAN F VEAL, who being duly sworn says that they know positively that all the previou wives of JOHN VEAL a soldier of the War of 1812dead.Except his last & third wife SUSAN VEAL who know resides at Stone Mountain in DeKalb County.For the following reasons First JOHN VEAL was our father & married our mother whose maden name was REBECA JONES She did in DeKalb County in the year 1837 or 1838.Our father then married REBECCA HART & she dide in Carroll County GA about the year 1874 or 1875 he then marrid SUSAN MARSHAL his now widow in Sumter County Georgia & lived with her untill his death which ocured Oct 19 1885

Georgia Sumter County , City of Americus

Before me John B Pilsbury county judge of Sumter County Georgia personally comes ASABEL A WILLET and Miss ADDIE WILLET of said city and county & state to me well known character truth and interrighty, who first being sworn deposeth and saith that they where well acquainted with JOHN VEAL of Carrol County said state while in life that they are also well acquainted with his widow SUSAN VEAL that the said JOHN & SUSAN where married by a duly authorized minister of the gospel to wit-JOHN T McBRIDE of the Presbyterian denomination at the residence of deponents in Sumter County Georgia, sometime in December 1876, that deponents at the time mentioned witnessed the marriage ceremony performed that united JOHN & SUSAN VEAL, that the said JOHN VEAL is dead, that deponents know that JOHN VEAL had two wives before he contracted marriage with the said SUSAN and that both are dead that SUSAN VEAL was before her marriage SUSAN MARSHALL that before her marriage with said JOHN VEAL her husband B T MARSHALL died in the fall of 1871 in the month...

Enclosed is a copy of the marriage license of John Veal & Mrs Susan Marshall from the Sumter County courthouse.

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