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Vlahovic(h) / Vlaovic(h) from Montenegro

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Vlahovic(h) / Vlaovic(h) from Montenegro

Jovo Vlahovic (Ver publicaciones)
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I am assisting a friend of mine in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, by the name of Jovo Vlahovic, who is doing research on members of the VLAHOVIC(H)-VLAOVIC(H) family who immigrated to North America. All of these Vlahovichs were born in Prijevor, Sutorina, which, prior to World War One, was part of Hercegovina (then part of Austro-Hungary), but now belongs to Montenegro, Yugoslavia.

My friend, who has recently published a book on Sutorina (a very thorough one too, with over 2,000 biographical entries that should be of interest to anyone with ancestors or relatives from there), is seeking information on the following persons:

JOVO. Born 1888. Father Bozo, mother Andje (nee Mracevic). Went to Canada as a labourer prior to First World War. Returned to Europe in 1917 to join the Serbian Army at the Salonika front. Returned to Canada after army discharge. Information needed: places of residence and nature of work in Canada, year of death and place of burial. Information on any descendants.

RADE or RADOVAN. Born 1910. Father Pero, mother Saveta (nee Grbic, from Cenica, Sutorina). In 1941, at the time that Yugoslavia was occupied by Axis forces, was serving aboard the Yugoslav warship ³Dubrovnik,² which was
then in New York harbour. After the warship was comandeered by the American Navy, Rade remained in the New York area, where he married and settled. Information needed: year of death and place of burial. Information on any descendants

STEVO or STEVAN. Born 1890. Father Jovo, mother Vida (nee Radanovic). In 1907 or 1908, he travelled to Bisby, Arizona (where there were other immigrants from Sutorina). Probably initially worked in mining, but ended up working his way up from a dishwasher to a hotel owner. While in Bisby,
he married a Slavic woman from Rijeka, Croatia. Has a son named Dusan, who has his own children. Information needed: Exact year of arrival in U.S., more information on work in U.S., year of death and place of burial.

DUSAN (DUSHAN). Born 1895. Father Jovo, mother Vida (nee Radanovic). Travelled twice to Canada as a labourer, before returning to Yugoslavia. Information needed: on life and work in Canada.

TOMO. Born 1903. Father Jovo and mother Vida (nee Radanovic). Travelled once, together with brother Dusan, to Canada, where he worked for some years before returning home. Information needed: on life and work in Canada.

MARIJA. Father Nikola, mother Milica (nee Lucic, from Sutorina). Went to San Diego, where she married Milan Kovacevic of Hercegovina. Had children. Information needed: Her year of birth, year of death and place of burial, names of children and their birth years, education, and occupations.

DANILO. Father Jovo, mother Jana (nee Radovanovic, from Malta, Sutorina). As a young man, he travelled to North America as a sailor, where he was drowned in a shipwreck. Information needed: anything about him and his fate.

JOVAN. Born 1898. Father Vaso, mother Mila (nee Lucic from Sutorina). According to one account, he travelled to the U.S. as a labourer prior to the First World War, then returned as a volunteer to join the Serbian army at the Salonika front. In another account, he was mobilized by the Austro-Hungarian army during the war, then deserted and fled to Russia, where he joined a Serbian army unit in Odessa. Information needed: was he ever really in the U.S.? Any information on his life after 1918.

NIKOLA. Father Mico, mother Mara (nee Bijelic from Mokrina). Travelled to North America as a labourer and supposedly married there. Information needed: Anything about him.

The reason I¹m placing this message on behalf of my friend is because he¹s an older gentleman who doesn¹t know English and doesn¹t use the internet. I would be glad to link any respondents up directly with him, however, via snail mail and telephone.

Milovan Mracevich

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