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antje (annie Vlas) immigrated to US/NJ 1867

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Re: antje (annie Vlas) immigrated to US/NJ 1867

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Hi Helma,nice to hear from you! I actually have learned of new information. My Vlas roots are from Ferwarderadeel, Friesland. I do have her birth information, parents information, respectively their parents information etc. My Antje did have siblings, a Jouke and Gerrit that I have birth information on.
there was another sibling that died as a toddler. I would be very interested in family days information! !!! That would be kind of neat to go back to Holland and learn of the rest of the story. Please feel free to contact me off this posting! I did find other Vlas' as well. I was off a few years though when they left Holland.
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