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Looking for family of William A. Vlasak (1941-2010)

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Looking for family of William A. Vlasak (1941-2010)

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I am looking for the family of William A. Vlasak, born 17 Jul 1941 (presumably in the US).

He is the biological father of a dear friend. I volunteered to research his genealogy for her and didn't realize it would be so difficult. While I've found plenty of marriage records (married at least 4x), I can find no clues as to where he was born or who his parents were.

He spent much of his life in San Antonio or in Bexar County, Texas. He was a veteran from the Vietnam war. His first marriage was in Russell County, Alabama, October 1967 to Nancy S. Evans but their subsequent divorce along with all other marriages took place in San Antonio. On the Social Security Death Index it says his SSN was issued in Nebraska.

Searching for Nebraska and Alabama records I found nothing and can find no Vlasak family that seems to be a possible match.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help!

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