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Wambsganss family or Swineharts

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Re: Are we related?

Margaret Hernandez (Ver publicaciones)
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Jean, I am starting to research the Schreiber family that also came from Nussdorf, Rhinepfalzbavaria. One of my ancestors had a sister who apparently married into the Wambsgans family in Nussdorf ("Barbara Wamsgans" - nee Bender) The Schreiber family also knew the Rev. Philip Wambsgans and Anton Wambsgans, and stayed with a sister of Anton Wambsgans ("Name was Schuman") one winter when they first came to Kendallville. Do you have any information regarding the Schreiber line in Nussdorf, Germany, or regarding Barbara Wambsgans, that you would be willing to share? Thank you so much!
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