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Waag from Rheinbischofsheim

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Barbara Waag

Andreas Waag (Ver publicaciones)
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Dear Dale,
I have also a Barbara Waag, b. 3 Aug 1822 in Rheinbischofsheim. Her parents were Johann Georg Waag Maria Salomea Kammer. She is also a child of my related family from Rheinbischofsheim, who (I believe) partially came to the U.S. in the mid 1800's. But Barbara Waag was her maiden name, I do not have info abt a marriage or her death date. I found a David in the IGI (LDS), but he was born 31 Dec in Esslingen/ Neckarkreis/ Germany.
Your Email address wasn't provided, please contact me: mailto:andi.waag@bluewin.de
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