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Albert Roudolph (Allin) Waal

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Re: Albert Roudolph (Allin) Waal

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just found this website. Are you related to Rudy Waal? Rudy Waal is my Uncle. His mother (my grandmother) was Fredrica. Her first husband passed away (Rudy's father) and she married my grandfather (his wife and 5 children died in a boating accident) Hans Waal (imigrated from Norway and wound up in Minnesotta). They had two children my dad Roy and his sister Elenor. My dad Roy Waal (passed away 1971) and Rudy were brothers. My mom Mary kept in touch with his wife Dora and then with his daughters Cathy & Vicky after he passed away (I think it was 1948?). One of them (or both?) worked in Washington DC. My mom passed away 3 years ago at the age of 92 1/2. I searched and found an address for a Catherine Waal in the State of Washington, which is where my Uncle Rudy lived. My dad and Uncle Rudy had one sister Elenor who married Pete Peters and had 3 children Roy, Bobby & Marlene. Roy passed away several years ago, Bobby died in an accident many years ago and Marlene is married and lives in Oregon. Mom and Dad had 2 daughters, Marie-Eleana who lives in Pennyslvania, and myself Linda. I live in NY. My sister is married and had 1 son who passed away in 1988 and I have 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl. I actually have a family tree that one of my cousins made and it dates way way back. I am limited in my knowledge of ancestors but do know about my aunt, uncle and first cousins. Hope you revisit this site and reply to this email.
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