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Susan Elizabeth Orner Wiand - Adams Co., PA

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Susan Elizabeth Orner Wiand - Adams Co., PA

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Apellidos: Orner, Arner, Wiand
The Orner/Arner Family Association seeks descendants of:

(_____) WIAND, Susan Elizabeth Orner, 1866-____, Menallen, Adams, PA.

who are descendants of Hans Ulrich Arner and Verena Eberhard, 1735 immigrants from Switzerland to Philadelphia. Join us for an August 24-25, 2002 gathering in beautiful Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (1 hour north of Philadelphia). For “reunion” information or to see where you fit into the *rner family, visit Joe Erner’s website at www.geocities.com/~erner/gen/arner or contact us through the Arner Listserv at ARNER-L@rootsweb.com. We’re planning two fun-filled days including a catered Pennsylvania Dutch luncheon and the dedication of a memorial stone in the Heidelberg Union Church cemetery to honor the immigrants. Help us widen our circle of cyber-cousins and plan to attend. We welcome you.

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