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James Ford (Ver publicaciones)
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Another lady posted a message (last summer) seeking a Hing Chi Wu who lived in Edison, N.J.I realize the nearness of New Jersey to New York could hardly be a big clue. I live in Carmel, IN. I noticed there a number (about 7) Wu individuals or families living in the town of Bloomington, IN (where the U. of Indiana is), which seems remarkable to have that many Wu people in a town of it's size. Recently I met a lady named Imogene Wu, who is a bridge player who I met at a local bridge game I, I think lives in my town of Carmel. I have the impression that the clan of Wu families are highly intelligent, very well educated,and very refined, polite people.If you write into a search engine "www.infospace.com" and then click on "White Pages" and then write in the name "Wu", in combination with various states, (like for example Caiifornia), conceivably you might get some sort of a clue, but just how, I don't know. At any rate, I sincerely wish you good luck.I really wish I could be of more help to you.
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