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searching Aichele family - Germans from Russia
migrated from Germany to Russia (Black sea area)
about 1790, immigrated to USA (North Dakota) &
Canada (Saskatchewan) late 1800's early 1900's

Aichele family

Alys Aichele (Ver publicaciones)
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My grandfather Jacob Aichele came from Germany in the late 1800's. He settled in Bangor, Wisconsin. I do not know much about the family but am wondering if he had siblings who also came to the U.s.
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my great-great grandfather was johann eichele (aichele)came to north dakota/saskatchewan back to north dakota at the early part of the 1900's.i have tried to contact you before.pls e-mail me and let's correspond.thanks
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We're probably of the same "root". I rarely check bulletin
boards. Have lots of info on Aichele family
from North Dakota
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Tania I'm at reichel@pris.bc.ca

North Dakota Aichele-aeicheles

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Hi Tania,
I tried to contact you once before, but the email listing must have been an old one. I'm also researching the Aicheles from Germany-Russia-ND-SD-Canada-OR-WA-CA. I believe I have some of the information that you mentioned but would like to add to my file and exchange information if possible. My email address is ckhoag@uswest.net. Thanks so much.

Re: North Dakota Aichele-aeicheles

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my family came from the ND-SD area please let me know some of the names I may be able to help you.

Re: North Dakota Aichele-aeicheles

Cheryl Aichele (Ver publicaciones)
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I am live in CA. Was born 10/21/02 to Jake Johan Aichele III & Cathleen C. Aichele (Luce). My father's father was Jake Aichele Jr & married to Evelyn & his father was Jake Aichele I don't know his wife's name...My father had 2 sisters Chris (it may be Christina) & Karen. I have 2 sisters Christina Aichele (Walters) & Stephanie Aichele.

This is all I know. Good luck.


Re: Aichele

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Hi... I am also looking for info on the Canadian side of the same family (Saskatchewan) and may be able to help you. John

Re: North Dakota Aichele-aeicheles

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Hi Cheryl,
Could you confirm the information you posted please? If I follow your information, you are the great-granddaughter of Jacob (Jake) Aichele and Amelia (Milly) Eckert. Jake Aichele was born August 10, 1893 in Friedenstal, Bessarabia; Milly was born March 30, 1901 in Robinson, Kidder Co., North Dakota. They had a son (your grandfather?) named Jacob Aichele born July 6, 1934 in Robinson, ND. Apparently, this Jake married Evelyn (surname?) and they had a son named Jake Johan Aichele, III. He married Cathleen Luce and had three daughters, Cheryl, Christina, and Stephanie (order?). You wrote that your birth date was in 02, did you mean '62 by any chance? thanks for whatever additional info you can provide.

Cori Hoag, Granddaughter of Jake Aichele (Sr)'s brother Fred L. Aichele.
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