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Bierbauer Family

Bierbauer Family

Ben Williams (Ver publicaciones)
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Hello, I have been researching the Bierbauer, Bierbower, Beerbower families since the 1960s. There are not many of us left and I would hope some of you could contact me about the family. My branch came to the USA in the second wave during the 1840s. Three brothers landed in New York City and went to Utica to learn the brewing trade. One stayed there and founded his brewery which became the FXMatt Brewing Co. The other two brothers went west. One was Henry Bierbauer, who settled in New Lisbon, Wisconsin and started his brewery in partenship with his later father-in-law, Peter Fauerbach. Later he owned the brewery outright. Henry and Barbara had several childreen. One was Peter Bierbauer who married Barbara Rickeman. They had one child, Alma Bierbauer who was my grandmother and raised me until hre death in 1960. Many stories, family traditions and photos are still with me. I hope to hear from anyone in the family. I've been to our Heimatstadt, Einselthum in Germany and know my cousin(6 gens. removed) She and her family are wonderful people. Let me hear from you.


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BEN!! PLEASE EMAIL ME AT mindyb@snip.net
Please!! there are quite a few of us researching the Bierbower/etc. name! We have quite a bit of information and have a Bierbower chain of information that we share! Anxious to hear from you.
Melinda Brassill in NJ

Bierbauer fam. of Wisc.and Einselthum,Ger.

Ben Williams (Ver publicaciones)
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I was most happy to here there some of us left in the family. I have been researching my family since 1960. I have some unusual stories about the history of our family. I believe there were two or more migrations from Rhine-Pfaltz. My ancestors(direct) came in the mid-1800s. First to N>Y> , where 3 brothers learned the brewing trade(one stayed) and the others moved west. My great great grand father, Henry Bierbauer settled in New Lisbon, Wisc. and with Henry Fauerbach, took over a brewry and it became the Bierbauer Brewry. When Henry died, Peter, his son took over. He had married Barbara Rickeman of that town and they had one child, Alma Bierbauer, my grandmother, who raised me until her death in 1960. Alma Bierbauer married Paul Roberts and had Lillian who was my mother. If this line of the family relates to any of you, send mail asap. PS. Did you know there is a rose named Alma Bierbauer which you can obtain and enjoy. I have been to the town and met my cousin, seven generations removed. They are a wonderful family. Auf Wiedersehen.

bierbauer/bierbower, etc.

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Hi Ben, The information you have does not fit into anything I have......yet. I have forwarded your email reply to all the rest of the people that are searching the Bierbower, etc., name, and their are a few more of us!!! Hopefully you'll get a reply from someone. There are a number of people that have Peter Beerbower/Bierbauer in their line, and I'm sure you'll hear from them. I will keep you posted. Please email me privately at mindyb@snip.net so that we can put you in touch with the rest of us researching the name.

Family connections

ben williams (Ver publicaciones)
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Hi, I am sending this message just to see how the program works. If anyone does get to read this note, please drop me a note. Things have been busy in my life just now and that will change soon. I should be able to reply more quickly to any E-mail contacts in the near future. I have been recording local history and family traditions since the 1960ss but only in randon ways. I hope to publish something soon and do wish to make the family record as complete as possible. Can anyone help? Please contact me soon.

Bierbauer Family

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Mindy, I must say I am slow when it comes to all this new tech. communications. I started in genealogy so long ago the no one had such things and we looked a original records and papers. We entered the stacks at the National Archives, DAR, Library of Congress. There have been many improvements but also some changes which hamper research. I'd like to hear from you soon and try to link up some the breaks in the lineages of both the earlier migration and the 1830s-50s which included Heinrich Bierbauer, Einselthum, Rhein- Pfalz. Thanks for your contact, Ben

Bierbower family

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Well, one more day on the job and I will have a vacation. This break will allow me the chance to do some research this summer. I will be visiting the Bierbauer homestead in New Lisbon, Wisc. and talking with some people who remember the family. Also will be intouch with the German relatives I located from an ad I placed in the Archivfurdeutschensippenforschung back in the 1960s but was not found be my cousin until 1985. Hope to hear from someone soon. Alles gut. Ben
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I'm so sorry for not answering your previous post. I don't get the notification that tells me when someone replies to my posting. Please email me at mindyb@snip.net and I will be sure to answer your questions on the Bierbowers. Hope your vacation with the "family" in Wisconsin was an interesting one. Please let me know what I can do to provide any additional information. Thanks again.

Bierbower Name

Terri Thomas (Ver publicaciones)
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My mother's maiden name is Bierbower. My grandfather's name was Willis R. Bierbower. I know they were of German decent, and would like to know much more if possible. My grandfather was born in 1898 I believe. He and my grandmother lived in Kansas and Missouri before settling permanently in California. They had 6 children. I don't know if they are in anyway related to your Bierbower's, but it is not a very common name. I've never really done any genealogy or tried to look up these things before so any help you may provide would be greatly apprectiated. Thank You. You or anyone else may contact me at: tlcwesternhorse@aol.com

Bierbauer Tree

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I almost fell of my chair when I read your message! This is my first time at this message board, and the very first message I read is about my family!
My great grandmother's maiden name was Elizabeth Bierbauer(1855-1933), and Elizabeth's father was Louis Bierbauer(1830-1918). Louis was one of nine children. The sibling closest in age to him was Heinrich, born in 1828.
My grandmother did an extensive family tree many years ago, which begins with Jacob Bierbauer(born 1790)of Einselthum, Bavaria marrying Marie Bermes in 1809. It goes on to include Ben Williams' direct lineage of "Henry" Bierbauer moving to New Lisbon and marrying Barbara Fauerbach, as well as naming their 10 children, which includes Ben's Great Grandfather Peter.
I know of family in the early part of the 1900's that were brewers (Bierbauer Brewery)
in Canajaharie, N.Y.
I have many questions for you Ben, and I look forward to hearing from you and others descended of this Family line.
Please e-mail me at GGan97@AOL.com.
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