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Looking for more FOBBS family members

Looking for more FOBBS family members

Angie Fobbs (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 935574925000
If you are a FOBBS or know a FOBBS family member, please contact me. Angie Fobbs, email BetrNetr@aol.com

Fobbs family members

Nicola Fobbs (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 940733854000
Hi,Im searching for information on the family history for my grandfathers 90th birthday(next week). Im from the North of England but I think the family has most recently come from Surrey, around the Surbiton area. I'd be grateful if you got in contact as I was begining to think I was the last in the lineage!

Fobbs Family

Angie Fobbs (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 947597109000
Please send an email or leave an email address for me to write you back.

Fobbs Mystery

Joi Fobbs-Harris (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 948311579000
Hello Everyone! I am Joi Fobbs-Harris (recently married). I finally arrived into the 20th century (just in time to see it leave). My husband I finally bought a computer and my first software package was a geneology one! I too, thought I was part of a dying breed. You truly do not come across too many (if at all) Fobbs'. I would love to hear from all. We live in New York. My other e-mail address is we2r1pj@aol.com


Thomas E. Fobbs (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 952691590000
Howdy, Am Thomas Fobbs from South Holland,IL
just 10 mile outside of Chicago.

Thomas' reply

Joi Fobbs-Harris (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 952869166000
Well- Thomas, Howdy right back at ya. I was really surprised and quite happy to hear from someone/anyone. Do you prefer to be called Thomas or Tom or Tommy or something else? You didn't write your e-mail address so this is the only way to get in touch with you. I would love to hear about you and your end of the family (we must be related somehow - how many Fobbs can ther actually be?). I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters! But, they're not all Fobbs'. Most of them are in Louisiana. Write soon. -Joi


jason fobbs (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 953628191000
If you can e-mail mail at jfobbs@hotmail.com and we can e-mail each other that would be great.


yevette hailes (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 962618767000

My name is yevette hailes my mother is a fobbs are you from louisiana. we also have family in new orleans.

she was born in lake charles, la. As a matter of fact we got back.

well hope to hear from you .


Natalia Napoleon (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 965208400000
Hey Yvette, how's Alexis? I've been trying to find info about our family, but have been unsuccessful. Write back we'll share info.

Yevette - reply

Joi Fobbs-Harris (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 965763602000
Hello Yevette - My name is Joi Fobbs-Harris (newly married). My father John (deceased) was a Fobbs. He too was from Louisiana. Shreveport to be exact. It seems the bulk of Fobbs family members are from Lousiana and Texas. We are also in the Detroit area as well as New York City - where my mother and myself are from. Fobbs is such an unusual name we must all share some kind of connection. I am 34 with no kids, but I do have a dog (Karma). I have 6 sisters and 4 brothers! All of them are not Fobbs though. I would love to hear from your branch of the family. If you could pass the word on to your people that I am also looking for people named Fobbs - I would respond. My address is wearefobbs@aol.com I don't check it everyday but I will start. Hope to hear from you soon.
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