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John Waack came from Mecklenburg Germany. His wife's name was Mary. Birth year 1829, died Aug 1883.

Waack Family History

Julia Waack Peterson (Ver publicaciones)
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We MUST be related! Cannot trace back past Henry Louis Waack, my paternal grandfather.
Can you give any info? I'm just beginning.

Searching for Roots.

Georgia (Ver publicaciones)
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I would like to find out if there is any correlation between your name and my name which is spelled Whack but the pronounciation is the same as yours. My mother related that the spelling of your name is the original spelling, my family changed the spelling to Whack. Please reply.


Shela Whack-Wilson (Ver publicaciones)
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Whack family living primarily in South Carolina and Florida.I have a print out of 1920 census that list several Whack members. A family reunion is held yearly around labor day weekend.
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Looking for Waack family. They came over in 1869,from Germany with two children, lived in Chicago, then on to Ida Grove, Iowa. Have some info, looking for more.
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From Germany with Waack's that came over in 1869 lived in Chicago, then on to Ida Grove, Iowa. Louis Waack b 1888 . any connection?

Henry Waack

Robert Stanzel (Ver publicaciones)
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There is a Henry Waack on my Mothers side he came from Ger. Living in Newton Wis.in late 1800s
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My Waack came from Hamburg, Germany 1867. Came to Chicago then went on to Ida Grove, Iowa. There seems to be an other family that came to Iowa but on the eastside, along Ill border. Just where and when did your family come "over"?

Henry Waack

Robert Stanzel (Ver publicaciones)
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Not sure when but it was before 1873/ b.7/16/1819 Henry's Father was Christan b.Waack Mother Hednig Sophia Kotten. Henry's Son Thedore married Fredrica Ruchoeft who's father was Henry Ruchoeft and mother Wilhemina Waack b.1833


Carol A. McKellar (Ver publicaciones)
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Searching for a friend: Augusta G. Waack, born 21 Oct. 1881 in Saginaw, MI, died Nov. 18, 1963 married to Simon G. Koepke,b.18 July 1876 in Saginaw,MI and died 20 Oct 1968 in Saginaw, MI. Does any Waack researcher have any info to help? Would be appreciated greatly. Email at hmckellar@worldnet.att.net
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