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Weaber , David t.

Weaber , David t.

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Looking for information on David T. weaber married
to Susan D. Capp Dec.2,1880 Whiteside co. Ill.

Weaber, David T.

Marlene Weaber Leber (Ver publicaciones)
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I have a David T. Weaber that could possibly be the one you are looking for. The David Weaber I have was born in 1857. Please email me at: gleber-lene@desupernet.net
if you think there is a connection.

Re: Weaber, David T.

David Weaber (Ver publicaciones)
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Marlene and all,


Just sufing around and found the page for the Weaber surname. Don't know much of my relations, mostly a very narrow branch. My great grandfather was Cyrus Weaber. Our family left Rushville, Ill, where they owned a tile factory, to move west with my grandfather, who was an only child, between 1910 and 1915. They first moved to Las Vegas, NM and then to Canon City, Colorado, and then to our Families ranch near Beulah, Colorado.

Does a Cyrus Weaber show up in any of your searches? Might show up in the Census data. Just curious.

By the way how do you pronounce Weaber in your name? ours is pronounced as Weber not with the long e as most.



Re: Weaber, David T.

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You would be a third cousin to my wife.

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