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Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Walborg Braaten was born Aug 5, 1899 in Norway. Her siblings are John, Ragnhild, Jenny, Oskar, Rolf and Charlotta. Her father's name was Otto born abt 1867 Norway and mother's name was Josefine (Last name unknown) b. abt 1862.

Any information on this Braaten family is appreciated.

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Travel record 1927
Otto Braaten born 17 Jan 1867
Josephine Braaten born 15 May 1871
Ragnhild Braaten born 02 Dec 1906
Jenny Braaten born 19 June 1910

Travel record for Rolf Ottesen Johansen Braaten born 29 May 1904, possibly the brother:

Traveling with Oskar Ottesen Johansen Braaten b 21 Jan 1902:

Here is the family in the 1910 census. They are listed with Otto's patronymic name of Johansen, instead of the farm name Braaten. This is normal Norwegian naming.

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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1910 census in Fet, Akershus fylke
Residence: Teigen
Otto Johansen born 17 Jan 1867 in Fet
Josefine Theodorsdatter born 15 May 1871 in Enebak
Johan Johansen b 09 Jan 1896 in Fet
Charlotte Johansen b 15 August 1897 in Fet
Valdborg Johansen born 05 August 1899 in Fet <------
Oskar Johansen b 21 Jan 1902 in Fet
Ragnhild Johansen b 02 Dec 1906 in Fet
Rolf Johansen b 29 May 1909 in Fet
Jenny Johansen b 19 June 1910 in Fet

In the 1900 census, Otto's parents are living with the family on Braaten. They are Johan Hansen and Kristine Hansen.
Johan is listed as born 21 Oct 1817 in Fet.
Kristine is listed born 1821 in Fet.

This might be Johan and Kirstine in 1865 Census, before Otto was born:

Likely it is Walborg's brother John in this photo, with sons Valter and Stanley:

Johan traveling in 1924:

...with his wife Dagny:

In 1940 US census, John Braaten is listed with wife Dagny and sons Walter and Stanley, living in Brooklyn, New York.

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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I am so grateful! Oskar's marriage cert gave a "middle" name of Jahansen but for whatever reason, I never thought to search the Digital Archives of Norway with that name looking for a time before they adopted the farm name!

I sent the link to my mother-in-law to verify if that is indeed a picture of the correct John Braaten. It would be her uncle so I think she would know...and she can read the print! : )

Thank you once again!

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Spoke to my mother-in-law. That is her Uncle John Braaten. The two boys in the wagon are his sons Walter and Stanley. Walter is the older one and was born in 1926. Stanley was born in 1928.
Where was this picture posted. Evidently, the date of 1926 must be incorrect.

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Hi, glad it helped!

The photo is posted on a web page titled Romeriksbilder. Many of the other photos are interesting as well.

The caption information likely came from the person who donated the photo to the museum. The family may not have dated the photo at the time, perhaps many years later. That's the way it was with most family photos! Before the days of digital dating.

Since your mother-in-law confirms it is Walter and Stanley in the photo, the year must be a mistake.

In a way the photo illustrates a person emigrating, then returning home for a visit. It's emblematic of an experience shared by many. A wonderful photo. :-)

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Geni tree for John Braaten, Dagny, Walter and Stanley:

1910 census showed Walborg with brother Oskar born 21 Jan 1902. I posted an emigration record for him (he traveled with Rolf). Oscar J. Braaten born 1902 died 1966 is buried at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn (where many immigrant Norwegians in Brooklyn are buried). See Green-Wood website, and Find a Grave website, and here:

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Again, thank you.

Spinal Meningitis...ugh. Not a pleasant thought.

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Hi, yes, sad news re John.

Italian Genealogy Group has Kings county NY (Brooklyn) marriage records through 1937.

In 1928 Ragnhild Braaten married Konrad Sumstad (see IGG website).

In 1934 the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ran a story on death of Konrad Sumstad in an auto accident. Survivors were wife Ragnhild and three-year-old daughter Marion.

1940 census
84 Lawrence Ave, Kings, NY
Iscar Braten 38 Norway
John Braten 12 b NY son
Joan Braten 9 daughter
Betty Braten 6 daughter
Kignnild Sumstad 33 sister
Marion Sumstad 7 niece

The above shows the way the record is transcribed on Ancestry.com - the original is a little hard to read but clearly this is Oscar and Ragnhild.

A person with Sumstad name has created a Find-a-Grave memorial to Conrad:


Might possibly be the same Marion:

Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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As found on the Italian Genealogical Group website (IGG)
Jenny Braatin
Birger Ostrom
21 March 1931
Kings county, New York

Could possibly be your Jenny.

An obituary here, for their daughter Susan:

Back to say yes, this is your Jenny. She died in 1966 at age 56; see obit on the following link

Obit says Jenny was born in Norway and was survived by siblings:
John Braaten of Hunrington, NY
Rolf Braaten if New Hyde Park, N.V.
Charlotta Sandbo of NYC
Ragnhild Hansen of Brooklyn
Waldborg Lunde of New Hyde Park, NY
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