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Aebersold Family Reunions - 2005

Aebersold Family Reunions - 2005

Dale Ebersold (Ver publicaciones)
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Is anyone aware of any planned 2005 Aebersold reunions? When? Where?

I posted this same message/question on the [EBERSOLD] message board and received two responses.

The Michigan Aebersold's will be holding their reunion in August this year but a specific date is yet to be determined. More information to follow.

The Brandenberg, Kentucky Aebersold reunion held during August each year has not yet been announced. More information to follow.

Re: Aebersold Family Reunions - 2005

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as far as i know thier is no plans for the missouri aebersold family decendents to have a reunion..as most of the origanal family from ohio are dead.
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