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Family History

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Hi There,

My name's Jenniffer Kagaoan, my middle name is abalos and I've been fascinated to know where my middle name came from, where it originated from. I've only recently started searching but have gotten no where. My mother's name is Yolanda Abalos, Grandmother's name is Erlinda Carlos (Abalos)

I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be able to give me some information.

Thank you

Re: Family History

Yolanda Abalos (Ver publicaciones)
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I am writing from Spain. My name is Yolanda and my surname is Abalos. My family comes from Cuenca but Abalos is a village in the north of Spain, in La Rioja.

If you want to know more just write to my address and I will be glad to answer your questions.

Re: Family History

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hi there, thanks for replying. It's funny how you said your name was Yolanda Abalos and I got a fright when I first saw it because that's the same as my mother's name. I was just wondering where the surname Abalos came from (was interested finding out)

you know any information? looking fwd 2 hearing from you again.
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