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I'm searching for living relatives of Bernard H. Wubben, born November 30, 1884 from Andervenne (parish Freren), Germany and came to Menominee, Illinois in 1850. My grandmother was Helnea Wubben married to George Leibfred.

Kofi Ron Lange
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My Husband has family that came from Prussia/Germany and moved to Pekin, IL. I am almost certain there is a connection here. The name was Onno Wubben and Berenjde Garls Bruns. Onno was born in 1836. What do you think?
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My great grandmother was Louisa (Wubben) Timpe from Galena, Ill who I believe is a sister to Helena. I have Bernard being born in 1834 and his father was also Bernard born in 1804.
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