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Subject: John Tell Hamblet AKA Francis Marion Williams

Subject: John Tell Hamblet AKA Francis Marion Williams

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Seeking information on what and when John Tell Hamblet changed his name. He was born 21 September 1857 in Sacramento, California, United States. Died 16 July 1936 Logan, Cache, Utah, United States as Francis (Frank) Marion Williams. In the 1880 Census lists him as John Tell Hamblet living in San Juan, Rio Arriba, New Mexico, United States. John disappears from 1880-1897. He shows back up in Lemi, Idaho in 1897 and marries Katharine Ella Dunlap on 23 June 1897 under the name of Francis Marion Williams. Cannot find any information on either name from 1880 – 1897.

Re: Subject: John Tell Hamblet AKA Francis Marion Williams

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What information do you have that it is same man?

Re: Subject: John Tell Hamblet AKA Francis Marion Williams

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This man was my great-great-grandfather. This question came about due to family stories and a DNA report on my Great Uncle. His DNA came back as the Hamblet family line.

There is no prior history of Francis (Frank) Marion Williams before 1897. The family story is that John Tell Hamblet while in New Mexico shot and killed a man during an altercation and was running from the law, hence the name change. My great aunt and cousin have been looking for additional information and have contacted the Hamblet family, but they do not know the circumstances.

Re: Subject: John Tell Hamblet AKA Francis Marion Williams

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I found a couple things that may be helpful.
Owyhee Avalanche, Silver City Idaho, March 1, 1890

As to the whereabouts of John T. Hamblet, who is supposed to be somewhere in the Northwest. If this should come to his notice, he will hear something of a very startling nature, by writing to his mother, at Farmington, New Mexico. Mrs. A.M. Hamblet

Same ad published in that paper on February 1, and March 8.


Deputy Sheriff Blair returned yesterday from Dillon, Mon. where he went in company with Sheriff Livingston of Grant County, Or., after John Hamblet, alias Bob Grant. J.M. Box was found with him safe and sound. A women of the name of Jones was also found with Hamblet, who it is said followed him from Baker City, Or. where she left a husband.
J.M. Smith, the undersheriff at Dillon was sitting on the courthouse steps one morning when he noticed a team come driving into town, by the only street the town possesses. He saw the man was very tall, and having had the description of Hamblet, sent him only a day or so before, exclaimed "there's my man" as it proved to be.

So many questions, about that article, so few details!

Okay, so I found another article it is very long. I cannot contact you through ancestry to send it, as I am not currently a subscriber. However, I think you can contact me, and then I can write back. He apparently was wanted for the murder of Ben Gammey, of Rock Creek, Grant County, Oregon on February 14, 1894. The date of his arrest does not match with his wedding date, but other details seem to match.

Re: Subject: John Tell Hamblet AKA Francis Marion Williams

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Wow, you found more than I have. My email is stephlafferty@msn.com or you can send me how and where you found the article and I can try and find it.

Best, Stephanie
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