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Waag from Rheinbischofsheim

Waag from Rheinbischofsheim

Andreas Waag (Ver publicaciones)
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Searching for descendants of the following Waag family from Rheinbischofsheim/ Baden/ Germany who partially emigrated to the U.S. abt. 1875 or later:
Barbara Waag (b. 1822), Margaretha Waag (b.1824), Andreas Waag (b. 30 Nov 1827), Georg Waag (b. 2 Mar 1830), Rosina Waag (b. 27 Apr 1833), Jacob Waag (b. 14 Aug 1836).
Parents were Johann Georg Waag and Maria Salomea Kammerer.
A Jacob Waag, b. 1836 in Germany lived in Cincinnati, OH, a Jacob Waag and Andreas Waag are mentioned in a shipping list 1875-1888. Would be delighted for any info about
the places where they lived.
Please mailto:andi.waag@bluewin.de
Andreas Waag, Karlsruhe/ Baden/ Germany

Barbara Waag

Dale Waag (Ver publicaciones)
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re: Barbara Waag
Andreas, I have found a Barbara Waag in our family tree. I believe she was my great, great grandmother. She was born around 1826, died in 1898 in Western New York. I believe her husband was David Waag, b. 1817-1893. I do not know where they were born. There is a Barbara Gerber and a "baby" kessel buried in the family plot next to them, but I do not know anything about them. If you can fill in any details, lets correspond. Thanks. Dale

Barbara Waag

Andreas Waag (Ver publicaciones)
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Dear Dale,
I have also a Barbara Waag, b. 3 Aug 1822 in Rheinbischofsheim. Her parents were Johann Georg Waag Maria Salomea Kammer. She is also a child of my related family from Rheinbischofsheim, who (I believe) partially came to the U.S. in the mid 1800's. But Barbara Waag was her maiden name, I do not have info abt a marriage or her death date. I found a David in the IGI (LDS), but he was born 31 Dec in Esslingen/ Neckarkreis/ Germany.
Your Email address wasn't provided, please contact me: mailto:andi.waag@bluewin.de

Waag Greatgrandmother

Frances W. Champagne (Ver publicaciones)
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Ihave a picture of my Great grand Mother whose name is Louisa Waag she married my great grand father whose name was Urban Prestenbach, Ihave no info on either of their parents but I think they were from the Baden area, would be greatful for any info,thanks

Waag Louisa- Urbanus Prestenbach

Andreas Waag (Ver publicaciones)
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The info I have (from the internet) is that Urbanus Prestenbach is born 23 May 1828 and died 7 Jun 1891.
No info about Louisa Waag, would need at least a location.
Andreas Waag, mailto:andi.waag@bluewin.de

Louisa Waag- Urbanus Prestenbach

Andreas Waag (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 963150552000
Dear Frances
Recently I got an Info about Louisa and Urbanus. Seems they come from the area of Strassbourg/ Alsace/ France. Please contact by E-Mail
Andreas Waag, mailto: andi.waag@bluewin.de


Tracey E. Rodriguez (Ver publicaciones)
Publicado: 968118738000
in your search for your WAAG history have you come across a Amund WAAG married to Ragna Julia RAMSTAD from Norway. I am looking for any help i can get. Thank you.Tracey E rodriguez
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I am sorry, but I do not have a connection to the Waag from Norway. As far as I understand this Waag surname comes from a norwegian middle name.
My Waags are all from a small area in south Baden / Germany.
Andreas Zipfel-Waag, Karlsruhe/ Baden/ Germany

Louisa Waag

Sue Freudenberg (Ver publicaciones)
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I've been looking for more information about my grandfather's sister Louisa Waag from Alsace, and who she married once she came to NY. Could you email more information about what you already found out regarding Louisa Waag? Thank you.

Re: Waag Louisa- Urbanus Prestenbach

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Urbanus Prestenbach was born 23. May 1828 in Hügelsheim, a village that now belongs to the town Rastatt, near the Black Forest region in Germany. He was the son of Lorenz Prestenbach and Regina Zeller.
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