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Knut E. Flaa: Richland County, North Dakota

Knut E. Flaa: Richland County, North Dakota

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Clasificación: Biografía
Apellidos: Flaa, Olson
Fra the book: 'Compendium of History & Biography of North Dakota' --page 293
Knute E. Flaa, born in Norway 16 Mar 1848. He was reared on a farm in his native land and remained there until 1870, when he decided to try his fortunes in the New World, and left Norway in the summer of that year. He located at Menomonie, Wisconsin, where he was employed 8 years at farm labor in a sawmill. He then went to Richland county, North Dakota and settled in Eagle Township, Section 25 where he homesteaded 400 acres of land. Knute, married 26 July 1873 in Menomonie, Wisconsin to Gurie Olson. Gurie was born in Norway 01 October 1848, and came to America in 1871, settling in Menomonie, Wis.
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Re: Knut E. Flaa: Richland County, North Dakota

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"Knut E. Flaa" is most likely to be the Knud Eriksen of the Flaae farm in Rennebu district of Sør-Trøndelag, Norway as seen in the 1865 Norwegian census.

He sailed from the port of Trondheim, Norway on or about 2 June 1870 stating his destination was "Reeds Landing".

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