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Re: Waack (Chicago)

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This Waack does not sound like "mine". They came to Chicago from Hamburg Germany. My grandmother was Dorothy Waack born 1893. They went on to the town of Ida Grove , Iowa. It was a very small town at this time. I have learned that they spoke German here. What else drew them to here is a guess.

But I have found a "Ida Waack" born 1886 and died 1913. Her parents were Wilhelmina Waack and Heinrich Ruchoeft. Now that I am looking at this family tree of George Carl Christian Waack some of the children are Waack and some are Ruchoeft.. But there sure are few Waack.

I do have church records of when Waack's lived in Ida Grove, Iowa. I just list Hamburg.

Do you live in this are? I am in Chicago. If I could help any more let me know. I sure think all the Waack's had to come from the same place in Germany.

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