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Barnard & Stevens Antigua; Parker & Beausire St Lucia

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Re: Barnard & Stevens Antigua; Parker & Beausire St Lucia

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Apellidos: Barnard & Stevens Antigua; Parker & Beausire St Lucia
The Cheshire Record Office have been VERY helpful, see below:
I checked the 1851 census return, for which there is a name index and found the entry for Robert Beausire, aged 44, born West Indies. He and his wife Janet lived in Wallasey (unspecified house), along with their 4 sons and a daughter and numerous other children noted as 'pupil'. Also present is Catherine Parker aged 36 noted as 'sister', born in Liverpool and three entiries for Parker girls variously noted as 'pupil' and 'visitor' born in the West Indies - Ellen (15), Isabella (7) and Lydia (5). The census entry covers three pages, each of which require two images in order for all details to be included. I have printed a copy if you require one and the cost would come to £6.35 including UK postage. You can pay by sterling cheque payable to Cheshire County Council or by credit card via our website at www.cheshire.gov.uk/recordoffice
I have checked a couple of indexes and come up with the will of a Joseph Beausire of Birkenhead Noctorum, merchant 1907 (refmf 91/56a, WR48 P216) and the 1881 census has an entry for the Beausire family of 3 Caroline Place, Claughton with Grange. You can access this via www.familysearch.org
Major thanks to you!
I assume we are related somewhere in the dim distant past?
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