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Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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I follow your reasoning re Anne Sophie, but think the following birth is an excellent candidate to be her. It was hard to see because witnesses names appear before parents' names (attesting Anders must be the father - at least I think that's what's going on).

Anne Sophie
born 10 August 1843 in Enebak
baptized 08 October 1843
Parents unmarried
Anders Svendsen, Dahl
Mari Amundsdatter

This same girl appears in the confirmation records for Enebak, confirmed October 1858 (same birth date, same baptism date, same parental names). In this record, the parents' names are more clear. See #81:

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