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Fishkill Supply Depot, Fishkill, NY

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Fishkill Supply Depot, Fishkill, NY

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I belong to the Friends of The Fishkill Supply Depot, a not-for-profit group trying to preserve vestiges of the the Fishkill Supply Depot, a major supply depot for Washington's Army from 1776-1783 in Fishkill, NY.

In 2007, it was confirmed by an archeological study that hundreds of soldiers were buried there. They are in unmarked and mostly unknown locations in the area that was the Depot. We hope to correct this.

We are trying to collect the names of any soldiers who died at Fishkill and could possibly be buried there. Close to 2 dozen men have been identified so far. At last Fall's Revolutionary War Weekend, at dusk a moving tribute was led by the 5th NY reading off the names of those found to have died and are buried at the Depot. We would like to have more for the weekend event this year.

If you have discovered in a pension file that your ancestor spent time there on duty, was sick there, died there and was possibly buried there ---- PLEASE CONTACT ME OFF LIST !

We want to put names to the men buried there. We want to recognize those who served our country and were in Fishkill during the war. We would like to find living descendants of those brave men to help honor their sacrifice to our nation.

I have found mentions of men marching through Fishkill on their way to West Point and other strategic places in pension files. I have found men who were on guard duty at the burying ground at the depot.

We are trying to preserve the remaining open space from development. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. We hope this can be a nation wide effort.


Can you help us ???

Thank you,

Judy Wolf

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