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WWI Austro-Hungarian Army Records?

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Re: WWI Austro-Hungarian Army Records?

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The War Archive in Vienna, which is part of the Austrian State Archives, keeps personnel records for soldiers born before 1865, military church records, and many important records related to World War I. Database of archival sources of the Austrian State Archive: http://www.archivinformationssystem.at/archivplansuche.aspx


Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
Abteilung Kriegsarchiv
Nottendorfer Gasse 2
A-1030 Vienna

The Military History Archive in Prague keeps Basic service sheets of soldiers born from 1865 to 1910 and officers born from 1865 to 1905. Unfortunately, the personnel documents for soldiers born between 1887-1900 were destroyed. This archive maintains an online database of legionnaires of World War I and World War II, and a database of soldiers killed during these wars: http://www.vuapraha.cz/fallensoldierdatabasehttp://www.vuapr...

Vojenský ústřední archiv
Sokolovská 136 / 24
186 00 Praha 8 – Karlín
Czech Republic

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