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Causes of Death

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Not sure if I can't read this or just don't know what it is Stacy Nixon 8 1561302117000
What is this cause of death? Tammy Lenski 2 1556913988000
Re: Need some help deciphering this handwriting. Brianna Gordo... 2 1556498057000
causes of death: sevelity & quanition................ MooseKnuckle3... 2 1553478069000
Cause of death: Laguppe? (La Guppe?) What does this mean? Karin4467 12 1542336587000
Cause of Death tcroft72 1 1533522992000
Cause of death at sea "climafieber" scornell7 2 1530891032000
Congestion of the Bowels Yvonne Coleir... 18 1522842800000
Medical historians.... Looking for some information regarding General Paralysis HOLS83 7 1522727383000
Anybody got the 4-1-1 on the ancient disease arasipler LStadler3 4 1521604307000
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