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Isom Lewis Finch

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Looking for any records from 1920 of Isom Lewis Finch (my maternal grandfather) and Mary Goings (South Carolina). Neither are on the 1920 census. They had a child Floyd Finch in March 1920 (no birth certificate). Isom Lewis died in March 1926.
My grandmother Orba Simmons Finch and Isom Lewis Finch were married in 1916. In 1920 she and son Morris and daughter Martha are on the 1920 census as living with her father Moses Simmons, no mention of Isom Lewis. In Dec 1920 my mother Lena Evelyn Finch was born. Subsequent to his death in March 1926 he had 5 more children (Martha died) with wife Orba and Floyd with Mary Goings. We are confirmed related to Floyd via DNA testing. I'm looking for any link to Isom and Mary.
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