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Brick wall families in 1880 census?

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Brick wall families in 1880 census?

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Hi! I'm at a brick wall trying to locate the 1880 census enumeration for a man named Jay Lew (or J. Lewellyn, or John) Rague or Raguet, born about 1858 in Ohio. At this time he would be married to a Martha Bearup, born 1856 in Indiana. They lived in the general vicinity of Michigan/Iowa/Indiana/Illinois. I don't think they had any children at this time.

I know this is somewhat vague - I guess that's why I'm having trouble finding them!

The other family I'm searching for is a John P. Rague (born 1830s in Ohio), his wife Phoebe (born 1840s in New York), and their daughters Eloise Marie (1860s/Wisconsin) and Maybelle Edna (1876/Indiana).

If anyone could find these families in the 1880 census, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!!
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