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Dubuque Iowa 1870 city directory date

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Dubuque Iowa 1870 city directory date

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I am trying to find information about my grandmother's birth parents; she was raised by a foster family near Waukon Iowa. Starting with online records from her and her 6 daughters I have found 7 variants in spelling of her maiden name (and 12 variants of her given name). I have been searching online records and have several candidate families who could be related.

How accurate would the date of the city directory be? I found an entry in Dubuque 1870 city directory and another (wildly misspelled name) in the 1870 census (taken July) in Belmont Wisc.

Here are some of the surname variants:

1856 Iowa census Dubuque Robert Toplet carpenter
1861 New Wine, Dubuque christening of son of Roberti Toepelt
1863 New Wine draft registration Robert Toebelt
1865 Dubuque city directory R Topell carpenter
1867 Dubuque city directory Rt Topelt Wagonmaker
1870 Dubuque city directory Robert Tapelt carpenter
1870 census Belmont Wisc Robert Lapert Wagonmaker
1880 census Waukon Iowa Robert Tapelt Wagonmaker

See the 1870 duplicate . children match in census, and most all name variants appear in my grandmother's records. The 1870 census image reveals that the L appears much like the T for a given name Thomas.
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