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Ancestors not appearing in Electoral Rolls

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Ancestors not appearing in Electoral Rolls

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Good morning

Please could you help me with an electoral roll query?

I have been searching for my ancestors using the electoral rolls on Ancestry (for London) and FindMyPast (ssh!) for the rest of the UK. I am aware of when men and women got the vote, and at what age (for women). Aside from the obvious, when does someone NOT appear on an electoral roll?

Here is my exact query. I have the birth certificate for my Grandma, born in 1925. It states she was born at an address in Nottingham, the informant was her Dad, and his address is given as the same address she was born at. But when I look on the electoral rolls for both spring and autumn of that year, a completely different couple appear at this address.

My great granddad and great grandma moved to London several years later, and appear on the London electoral rolls. They were renting, they didn't own property.

Any advice gratefully received.


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