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Reliability of trees on FamilyCentral.net

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Reliability of trees on FamilyCentral.net

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Hi there. I was just wondering what people's opinions were about the reliability of information on FamilyCentral.net?

I have found a tree on there which, if it is to be believed, takes my own family back from 1765 to 1523. Cautious though I am, there are sources cited in the form of references to microfilms of parish records, probate records and other documents.

The link to the tree is: http://www.familycentral.net/index/pedigree.cfm?ref1=5302:10...

To look at the sources, click on a name (not the first one, as there are no sources for this entry), then under "Marriage" click on the button that looks like a group of skittles, then on the family page that comes up there should be a "Sources" button.

As far as I can tell, FamilyCentral is part of the Church of LDS that runs Family Search.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the authenticity, or otherwise of this tree and the site in general. How did that tree come to be put together?

Many thanks!
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