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Street history question: Brassey Street

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Street history question: Brassey Street

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Hi, does anyone know anything about the history of Brassey Street in Belfast? Google Streetview reveals only modern council(?) housing.

I'm interested because my great great grandfather, William Short (engineer), and his family crop up in the area, but at sometimes conflicting addresses.

The 1911 Census has his wife Elizabeth and some of their children living at 22 Brassey Street, but he himself appears to be lodging at 7 Great Patrick Street.
In Street Directory records for (at least) 1907, 1910 and 1916 William Short is at 20 Brassey St.
Yet in the 1911 Census the Reddings (no relation as far as I know) are living at 20 Brassey St.; only the death record for Margaret Redding gives 16 Brassey St.

I'm sure it's not worth getting too worked up about house numbers, but I'm curious to know whether these would be mistakenly recorded, or if it were a poor area where perhaps people moved between houses frequently? Sounds odd, but would it be possible?
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